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A M&A transaction involves several risks for business owners who do not hire professional advice.

Often, entrepreneurs have a single asset built through family generations. There is no room to risk these assets. 

Thereby, a specialized advisory for a such a transaction is essential for a buy or sell decision.

Our advisory services include: 

Mergers and Acquisitions: Leading the whole process involving transactions for the acquisition, sale, merger, spin-off and association of companies.

Asset Sale: Advisory on acquisition and sale of key assets, such as trademarks, patents and industrial plants.

Equity Fundraising: Enabling expansion projects by equity fundraising with private equity, venture capital and mezzanine funds as well as private investors.

Business Valuation: Business valuation employing discounted cash flow, stock market and transaction multiples methodologies. 

Market Research: Development of sector research, including statistics data, analysis of key players and strategic movements in order to support decisions in mergers and acquisitions.