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One of the main independent financial advisory companies focused on M&A in Brazil

Magma is currently one of the main independent financial advisory companies in Brazil working with acquisitions, sales and merger of companies, an activity broadly known as M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions).

It all began in 2006, when the current executive-partners started working together focused on M&A work after several years of previous market experience.

In June of 2010, we decided to create MAGMA guided by the following principles:

Focus: We are totally focused on M&A advisory. 

Governance: Investors hold a minority stake in the business and contribute with capital, relationship and practice of effective corporate governance for the company. 

Alignment: Remuneration policy of the company and its executives strongly linked to the success of the projects.

Ethics: Above all, we strive for transparency in the way we do business and handle relationships as the essential source to preserve our credibility.